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Miss Money Sense has a wide variety of services to cover all of your money needs. We believe in complete financial education and having access to the right services to fit the very specific need of every household. We have got you covered, and will help get you covered so that there are no holes in your coverage.
About Miss Money Sense
Teneshia LaFaye was at a crossroads in her late 20s. She could either leave her newspaper career to be the Cleveland Cavaliers’ dedicated writer for their NBA site during the start of LeBron James’ professional career or she could transition to business ownership to take control of her income, her time and her future. At the time, Teneshia discovered that she wouldn’t have a pension being a journalist and that most people who start working at age 21 are either dead or dead broke by age 65. She was already broke in spite of her $40,000 annual salary.

Money Sense Class on Thurs, Oct 24

Come learn how to budget and save your money, build an emergency fund, increase your credit score and plan for retirement. Your teens can also learn how to pick careers that don’t require a degree and also how to avoid student loans if they choose to attend college. Every attendee receives a copy of either What My Mom Taught Me About Money or Mom’s Money Lessons. Space is limited. So pre register here for $15 per person. Or pay $20 per person at the door.


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